Photographer Learning Opportunities


Ready to take it to the next level?

I’m super excited to begin offering a special experience and opportunity to new and budding photographers in the area! Shadow & Mentoring Sessions are a great opportunity to take your love for photography and expand your knowledge and experience by getting to see first-hand how a more experienced photographer flows through a session!

Having a background in Education first, I have a huge passion for sharing knowledge and experiences with others! Being able to combine teaching and photography is truly a dream for me and the best of both my worlds! When I first began my photography journey just about 6 years ago, I was just a mama with a new-found love for taking photos of my own child. I had no idea what my little hobby would turn into! After lots of learning and hard work, guidance and more learning, I have turned an interest into a passion that has provided me with success and the most amazing career opportunity that I truly love! I still continue to learn on this journey, and that will not stop, but now I’m so excited to give back and share what I have learned with others that are just now creating their own path!

These Shadow & Mentoring Sessions are designed to give you a peek into my world behind the camera! I want to take you from having basic knowledge of photography and your camera, to getting hands-on experiences, 1:1 mentoring, and behind the scenes look of an actual session with me. If you’re looking to take the next step in your own photography journey and gain experience and knowledge that can help you begin building your own successful business, this might be the opportunity for you!  

These sessions are explained in detail below.



Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start (for you Sound of Music lovers :)). Before moving into the more creative aspects of photography, you have to get technical. This class is for those who have a desire to take better photos, and have the camera to do so, but have no clue where to begin. What do those buttons mean? How do I use light appropriately? How do I get out of shooting in automatic? How can I shoot in poorly lit situations? This extensive class will answer all of these questions and tons more!

This class is only offered a couple times a year. Usually in the winter months. Please visit the following link to see more details and purchase a seat. Spots are limited.


Do you thrive better with one-on-one, undivided attention? This private lesson teaches everything mentioned above in the group version of the Beginner DSLR class, but in a more intimate setting. This can also be scheduled at any time of the year (with some exceptions during my busy season), if you don’t want to wait for the group sessions to come around! Start learning and building confidence now to get behind the camera and begin taking beautiful pictures of your own!

Please email me to schedule a private session.


This session is geared towards those that might not be quite ready to jump in with both feet! Shadowing sessions allow you to more-or-less, sit back and enjoy the show, while you quietly observe a full session in progress. With the permission of my clients, you will get to observe from a fly-on-the-wall perspective: client/photographer interaction, posing, my work flow, how I get the client comfortable in front of the camera, lighting placement, tips & tricks that help me move seamlessly through a session, and more.

This session also includes a 30 minute online mentoring session where we can discuss the session you observed, answer any questions that you may have come up with, or just feel free to pick my brain!  

Shadow sessions can be individualized based on your need and want! Choose which type of session you prefer to shadow: Family, Child, Maternity, Engagement, Newborn



Children and newborns are arguably, the MOST difficult clients to photograph. They also happen to be my favorite and why I love what I do so much! The Mentoring Mini Session allows you to get hands-on, shooting experience as I take you along with me during a Mini Newborn or Child Milestone session. These sessions with the clients are 30-45 minutes, jam-packed action. With either session you will get to not only observe the mini session start to finish, but also get coaching and instruction throughout my entire workflow, as well as shooting your own photos that can be used to help build your portfolio.

Directly following our session, we will have a 30 minute face to face Q&A time to ask me anything!

*Limit 2 attendees per session. Price is per attendee.

*To attend this session, basic knowledge of camera settings and terminology is required. MUST be able to shoot in manual. A minimum of 5 images must be sent to me to view prior to sign up.




This option gives you the complete newborn experience! 4 hours of observing, shooting, hands-on, instruction during a start to finish newborn session! Some of the things you will get to experience in the Ultimate Session:

-         Prepping baby

-         Interaction between me and my clients and older siblings

-         Posing direction for family shots & sibling shots

-         Lighting placement

-         Wrapping techniques

-         Prop posing

-         Bean bag posing

-         Shooting angles

-         Camera settings

-         Styling

-         Soothing Techniques

-         Workflow for seamless transitioning between poses

-         Tricks & Tips along the way!


*Limit 2 attendees per session. Price is per attendee.

*To attend this session, basic knowledge of camera settings and terminology is required. MUST be able to shoot in manual. A minimum of 5 images must be sent to me to view prior to sign up.


Please contact me through the contact form on my website if interested in attending a session!