Meet Tiffany

Hello! I am the Tiffany behind Tiffany Hemsath Photography! I am first and foremost a mommy to two wonderfully, crazy boys, who originally inspired me to pursue my passion for photography. Just like most mommies I loved taking photos of them and capturing our everday life, and I had a desire to do it better than the portrait studios. After 5 years of teaching elementary school, I was lucky enough to leave and stay home with my boys, giving me a chance to get inspired and get excited about something else that I could sink my teeth into.

When my husband bought me a camera for Christmas, I quickly took a photography class to learn the basics. It didn't take me long to discover a new love in my life! Fast forward 4 years later, I now get to share that passion and talent with you! I truly have the best gig in the world!

One downfall I've discovered of being a photographer is that I am now NEVER on the other side of the camera! Hence, no website-worthy picture of myself, so you get to meet these 3 adorable faces instead ;)

I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you for stopping by and check it out :)